Review: Essence Eyeliners (Pencil, Pen, Gel)

Good morning lovely humans,

How are you today? As always, I’m the earliest to wake up no matter where I go. XD

Anyway, today I’m going to do a review of Essence’s black gel eyeliners. In the title, I listed them as ‘pencil’, ‘pen’, and ‘gel’ to make a distinction between the three, as Essence calls them all ‘gel eyeliners’. I’ll be ranking them in order from 3rd to 1st place according to my personal preference.

So here goes~

3rd place: Essence Gel Eye Pencil Waterproof


When I first got this product and swatched it on my hand, it applied sooooo smoothly and didn’t smudge easily. Well, now it’s been a week and the product changed… I didn’t really open the product that often, and I stored it in a cool place so I don’t understand how it dried so easily. It became tough to apply and tugged at the skin. The line didn’t show up very well either. By the end of the day, it smudged on my eyelids and looked really messy. I don’t recommend this product. If you managed to buy this pencil and can’t return it, try heating it up to see if it would apply smoother and more pigmented. Unfortunately, this pencil was a thumbs down for me. I hope Essence improves it.

2nd place: Essence Super Fine Eyeliner (Pen)


I don’t have this product anymore. I ended up returning it because it didn’t work out for me personally. As the name says, it is “super fine” which means “You better have steady hands!” . Otherwise it’s going to take you forever to get achieve a thick, solid line. I also returned it because it was really hard to remove. I used face wash, makeup remover, and oil… omg. My skin was sore from scrubbing. Even by the end, there were still remnants of it left on my eyelid. So if you’re looking for a super sturdy, super fine, super waterproof eyeliner and you don’t mind the work involved in removing, then get this one! If not, check out the eyeliner below!

1st place: Essence Gel Eyeliner (Midnight Black)


Also known as a cream eyeliner.
This is currently my favourite liner! I love how opaque it is and how smoothly it applies. It also lasts a really long time, so this would be great for a long day at work. The Essence Gel Eyeliner is also semi waterproof, so that adds to its lasting power. What I also love about this product is that it didn’t dry up as quickly as the pencil, and it is easier to draw thicker lines. I also personally recommend this if you have oily or mono lids because it doesn’t smudge for me. It’s also not too difficult to remove if you use extra virgin olive oil. For the bottom lids though, you may want to look for a waterproof eyeliner pencil.

Below I made lines of varying thickness just by simply adjusting the amount of pressure and product. This shows the versatility of using a brush and gel/ cream eyeliner.


The Essence Gel Eyeliner comes in at $4 CAD, and the brush is around $1.50 CAD which comes to a total of almost $6. Since the brush and eyeliner are sold separately, you can use a different brush if you wish. I use the Essence eyeliner brush, and so far, so good. It is stiff enough to draw a solid, opaque line. It is also soft enough so it doesn’t tug too much at your eyelids.


So here are my questions for  you guys. If you’re using an eyeliner pen, did you find out a way to easily remove it?
What eyeliner brush do you like using?

Thank you guys so much for reading. See ya’ next time!


2 thoughts on “Review: Essence Eyeliners (Pencil, Pen, Gel)

    1. Hi thanks for the question! In fact, I’m trying to figure that out myself and trying to explore more too. It also depends on your personal preference. If you prefer high staying power which is easy to remove, I’d recommend Essence Gel Eyeliner or the equivalent Wet n’ Wild Megaeyes Creme Eyeliner. If you prefer the highest staying power, try the Japanese mascara: ‘Majolica Majorca’ Automatic Eyeliner. I hope it helped. Try out the gel eyeliners first to see how it works for you. 🙂


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