Beauty Review: Revlon Photoready Concealer

Hello lovely humans!

My sister hates it when I say that ’cause she thinks it’s weird, but aren’t you all lovely and human? Hope you’re all having a good day!

Today I’ll be reviewing the Revlon Photoready Concealer. If you’ve read my past review of the Covergirl Ready, Set Gorgeous Concealer, you’ll know that I wasn’t too fond of it – personally. Since my Joe Fresh one had expired, I set out in search for a different cream concealer.

So let’s get to it!



Even though this is a cream concealer, it doesn’t feel thick, dry, or cakey. If you apply it straight onto your face or hand, you will feel the stick glide smoothly across your skin. Just a heads up though, this concealer does have a bit of shimmer to it. If you set it with powder though, it’s not noticeable.

Coverage: Medium

I found that this cream concealer worked better in terms of coverage. When I apply it with my finger after foundation, it is easier to control the blending and to build up coverage. From my personal experience, I found that cream concealers are better for covering blemishes while liquid ones are better for undereye circles. Overall, the coverage of Revlon’s Photoready Concealer is medium. It works for covering zits, and slight redness.



Remember that if you’re getting this product, it comes with a plastic wrapping (seal). So don’t purchase it if there’s no seal! That means it’s been opened! Since they’re all sealed, you’ll probably be looking for a (nonexistent) tester. 😦  So take your time to figure out your shade. I got 002 Pale, which has a bit of a yellow undertone while the 001 Fair was pinker. Drug stores, please carry more testers!

The concealer comes in a simple, black lipstick container. Each time you twist it, it clicks. I panicked ’cause I thought it was one of those products that don’t retract. Thank goodness it does. The lid also seals tightly with a click, so thumbs up for that!

Overall: 4/5

This was just as good as my Joe Fresh concealer! The staying power is quite long as well. 1 mark off because I prefer shimmer-less concealers, but overall, I’m happy. 😀

Are you the type of person to apply concealer before or after foundation? And do you hate it when I call you a “lovely human”?
Let me know in the comment section below, haha!
Thank you so much for reading this post!

See ya’ next time! 😀


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