Makeup Breakup: Annabelle and The Face Shop Eyeshadows

Hello lovely humans!


Welcome to “Makeup Breakup”! I had to throw away 3 eyeshadows that just weren’t doing it for me: Annabelle Studio 4Show and The Face Shop Lovely Me:ex.

They all looked so pretty in the container, but once applied on the eyelids, there’s fall out and a lack of pigment. I found the Annabelle one too chalky. Some of the colours didn’t complement me because they made my eyes look kind of bruised? Since the colours weren’t pigmented, they were difficult to blend as well.

As for the Face Shop ones, the colours were so beautiful in the box! Unfortunately, the glitter flakes were too large so they didn’t stick well to the lids. And most of the time, all you could see was glitter and no colour. Not to mention, I figured out that these were the eyeshadows that were giving me allergies. I would wake up the next day with itchy, puffy eyelids. I guess I now know what I’d look like with botox injected eyelids – not that anyone would ever do that…right?

I hope that Annabelle and The Face Shop improve their eyeshadow products… and now, I know what to look for in a good eyeshadow. XD
What recent makeup product did you have to breakup with recently? Share below so that others know what to look out for!

Thanks for reading! See ya’ next time!


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