Review: Stila Lip Glaze

Hello lovely humans~

Today I’ll be reviewing Stila’s Lip Glazes from Sephora! I got these as a gift from my boyfriend a while ago, and I’m almost finished them.
To buy or not to buy? That is the question!

From left to right: Jingle CX, Sugar Plum 18, Jolly CY, Jack Frost CU


Con: This formula is sticky! I’m not a fan of it for practical reasons. For one thing, my hair gets stuck on my lips whenever the wind blows. One time a random strand got stuck on it, and I didn’t even know! How flattering ❤  The stickiness also makes it a bit difficult to spread.

Pro: I do love the colours because they’re so neutral. They’re great for everyday use at work, school, or a day out. As well, since they’re so glossy, they don’t accentuate dryness. The scent of the glazes also smell quite nice.




I have a love-hate relationship with the packaging. I love it because it is an interesting idea. You twist the bottom and the product will come out of the brush. I hate it because the brush lifts up dry skin as you spread it. It’s kind of ironic; it’s not the formula that accentuates dryness but the brush. You also need to twist a number of times to get enough product out. A lot of people don’t like how there’s so little product for the price. I don’t mind because it takes a while for me to finish up my products.


Overall: 2.5/5

Sorry, Dennis. I love you, but I don’t love these glosses (ahaha). I still use them though! Overall, the colours are so nice and natural but the formula and packaging just don’t cut it for me.  Have you ever used Stila Lip Glazes but ended up loving them? Tell us why below!

Thank you for reading! Thanks again to everyone for following or reading my posts! It means a lot to me because I hope that I can help girls/guys find the right products. 🙂  Almost like your behind the scenes shopping assistant LOL.

See ya’ next time!


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