(Updated) Review: Essence All About Sunrise Eyeshadow Palette

Hello humans!

How’re things going? Today I’ll be reviewing Essence’s All About Sunrise eyeshadow palette. I picked this baby up at Shoppers Drug Mart for $5+tax and it contains 6 shadows. Essence’s ‘All About’ line features various eyeshadow palettes depending on your preferred style : Nude, Candies, Sunrise, Tropical Island, and Chocolates. The 3 main ones provided in store are: Nude, Candies, and Sunrise.

From top left to bottom right: white, copper-gold, copper, yellow-gold, orange-gold, dark brown

Let’s get to it!





As you can see above, they claim that it has a silky and smooth texture. I don’t have too much experience with eyeshadows but I can definitely say that this was a lot smoother and more pigmented than my previous eyeshadows. These shadows are also easy to blend. I also didn’t experience any fall out with this palette, even when applied with a brush. Another thing to note is that although they claim to have matte, shimmer, and metallic effects, I only notice the shimmer/metallic. Maybe it’s the dark brown that’s supposed to be matte, but even that has some shimmer to it.

Edit (2014): Sometimes when I apply with a brush, I experience fall out. I suggest applying with fingers or a wet brush to minimize fall out. Also, cover up the fallen shimmer on your lashes with a black mascara.


Nothing fancy; it comes in a clear plastic container. It’s simple and minimalistic, just the way I love it! The packaging makes it great for travelling because it’s so compact and sturdy. Since there’s some space to divide the shadows, you don’t have to worry about colours mixing! Thumbs up!

Favourite Colours:
-white, gold (VERY smooth, fine shimmer, pigmented)
-copper tones (pretty colours, pigmented)

Overall: 4.5 / 5

I love the colours and shimmer because I tend to wear eyeshadow for special occasions rather than day to day life. However, I docked off half a point because it was lacking a matte shade.
I also figured that this palette would be more pigmented than the All About Nude counterpart which had a lot of whites and pale pinks. So I give this palette a thumbs up!

Thanks for reading! What is your favourite eyeshadow palette right now?
Stay tuned for next week! I got a product from Korea that I absolutely can’t wait to review! I’ll give you a hint: 3 step removal.


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