Review: Tony Moly Berrianne Essence

If you ask an Asian woman what’s the secret behind her soft youthful skin, she may say “essence”.

What is essence?

For many ladies, essence is an essential step in their nightly moisturising routine. It’s a lightweight, sticky fluid applied before your lotion to help moisturise and lock in the moisture from your toner. According to Into the Gloss, Essence also helps to “[speed] your cell turnover rate which makes skin smoother and brighter.”  Keep in mind that essence is less concentrated than a serum but more concentrated than a lotion. And because of this, some people just stick to essence and serum as nightly moisturisers and opt out of lotion.


Tony Moly Berrianne Essence


Before starting this blog, I had the pleasure of trying Tony Moly’s Berrianne Essence sample for about a week. After finishing it, I’ve been waiting for an online review to see how others find it. Even now though, I can only find very general reviews from people who’ve tried the whole Berrianne line. However, I’m not interested in the entire line as I already have an ample supply of moisturiser and toner.



After trying Berrianne essence, my skin did feel noticeably softer and smoother. I’ve tried other essences before and those just sat on my skin. You also don’t need too much product to cover your entire face. The fact that the essence smells lovely is a bonus!
Also, here is a link to their ingredients list.



In several beauty stores, I’ve seen that this product comes in around $23 CAD. This is a low to mid range price considering how the most popular essences are $50+.



Do not confuse Berrianne Essence with Berriane Whitening Essence. The one I’m talking about comes in a simple, pink bottle while the latter is in a white bottle.


Overall: 4/5

For someone who is starting out with essence, I would highly recommend this one. It’s better than some other Korean drugstore brands. Mind you, I haven’t tried the most popular and luxurious essences : SKII Facial Treatment Essence (Japan) and Missha First Treatment Essence (Korea). But apparently for you lucky Americans, SKII essence is available at Sephora for a staggering $130 USD. Um…I need a second job.


Thanks again for reading! If you’ve tried Berrianne Essence or any other essence before, tell us what you think about it below! What other essences have you come across for an affordable price?


If you missed out on the links above:






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