Review: Tony Moly Easy Touch Auto Eyeliner

Hello humans!

Today’s post is going to be a makeup breakup (wah wah). 😦  I had this pencil for awhile and got it on sale for around $7-9 CAD.
It was my very first eyeliner 😀 but unfortunately, it has to go~


Staying Power

The main reason why I have to get rid of it is because of its staying power. After a few hours without a primer, there would be a raccoon eye smudge below my eyes.



Even with primer though, it still tugs at your skin and you have to press hard for there to be any pigment. Disappoint.



One pro is that the packaging is simple and durable! It is a twistable and mechanical eyeliner pencil. So there’s no need for sharpening 🙂


Overall: 2/5

I love Tony Moly, but I don’t love this eyeliner. If you want an eyeliner of more pigment and softer application, try a cream eyeliner.


For you fellow Tony Moly fans out there, are there any makeup products that you would recommend? We’d love to hear your input! ❤


See you all next time!



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