Review: Dr Color Effect Red Serum

Hello lovely humans!

If you’re looking for a serum, check out today’s review of Dr. Color Effect Red Serum. I got it as a sample and I’ve been using for a week now. I got it along with my Wishtrend order of Skinmiso Pore Beauty Nose Pack. So let’s get to it to see if it’s right for you!




According to Wishtrend, it’s supposed to

-Clear & Bright Skin Tone
-Firm & Well-Balanced Skin Structure
-Flawless & Silky Skin Texture
-Rich Moisturizing from Inner Layer of Skin
-Intensive Nourishing for Health Skin



The texture of this clear serum feels very much like an essence. Since it is watery, I found that it absorbed better than some essences that I’ve used in the past! Usually when we think of serums, we think of a thick and heavy oil. This one was neither, so a huge thumbs up for that! In that case, I don’t see why this serum can’t replace an essence, especially since it’s more highly concentrated. One thing to note is that it has a sweet scent (kinda’ like bubble gum and green tea mixed together). This serum didn’t break me out and highly moisturized my skin. (y)





Price: $33.99 USD @

*Not sponsored. Just sharing their site*



Overall: 4/5

Overall, it’s a product  that can be easily applied and absorbed for increased hydration. As of yet, I haven’t noticed more even skin tone nor skin brightening. Perhaps 1 week wasn’t long enough for a result? I do have another sample left and will definitely update you all if I do notice a difference.

Since winter is approaching, soon I’ll be looking for a serum! I’d love to hear your recommendations below! Feel free to comment because I do read all comments. 😀

Thanks for reading, and see you next time!





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