Sparkling Water as a Facial Cleanser?

Hello lovely humans!


Also known as ‘carbonated water’! I decided to look into the benefits of using sparkling water in skincare products, after I saw it listed as an ingredient of Tony Moly’s Berrianne Essence. So I did some research and found that people use it for deep cleansing and brightening skin.

Apparently the bubbling helps to clean out your pores and increase blood circulation, which explains the heating sensation you will feel! The acidity also helps to brighten your skin.


What to buy?

Get 100% natural sparking water with no additives (no sugar) from the supermarket.


How to use?

Pour sparkling water and mineral water into a large bowl, and dip your cleaned face in it for 10 seconds.


Have you ever tried using sparkling water as a cleanser before? Let us know in the comments below how it went!
Thanks for reading! See you next time!



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