Review: Nivea Refreshingly Soft Cream

Hello humans!

Today we got an oldie that’s definitely a goodie! This baby here is my favourite body and hand cream, and it’s perfect for fellow dry-skinned people. You can find this at almost any drug store.





This product is creamy and moisturizing, yet not greasy. It’s great for daily use, or for those days when you need extra moisture. In fact, I even use this in the summer ’cause that’s how dry my skin is… As you can see above, they say that you can use it for “face, body, and hands”. However, I wouldn’t suggest this for the face unless you have mature skin. This cream is moisturizing enough for the body and hands, but too thick for the face. My sister actually had this cream before me and used it for the face. It ended up breaking her out, so she gave it to me. I would recommend picking up something lighter and more watery to hydrate the face.




This cream usually comes in a white jar which looks like this:


I guess I got some special edition of it? O.o Meh, don’t really care. Anyway, some people might not like how it’s in a jar because it’s unsanitary… but personally I think that if you’re not swirling your hands in there, the packaging should be fine. Most of all, it’s compact and sturdy enough for travel.


Price: $5-9 CAD

I believe my sister got this for $5 to $9 at Shoppers Drug Mart.


Overall: 4.5/ 5

This product is great for hydrating the body and hands without being too greasy, but it just doesn’t work for the face if you have sensitive or acne-prone skin. So if you need something a bit more moisturizing for those dry days, I suggest trying out this cream!


Thanks for reading! Are there any other creams or body lotions that you would recommend to us? We’d love to try out new products!




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