Food: 0109 Dessert and Chocolate

Hello humans!

I hope you’re having a warm weekend! Here in Toronto, it’s chilly! I swear, I can never get used to it even though it’s really not that cold compared to other provinces/territories and countries. I’m even ashamed to say that I was born here too. *shakes my head*IMG_20141108_212608555

Anyway, yesterday my boyfriend and I made a visit to 0109 Dessert and Chocolate in Scarborough to catch up over some warm drinks and (cold) desserts. When you enter this place, you’ll honestly wonder if you’re actually in Scarborough, especially if you’re an outsider to this so called “ghetto” suburb. The cafe just looks so modern and clean. It actually has more of a North York or Markham vibe to it- haha. But really! There are parts of Scarborough that aren’t actually as ghetto as everyone makes it seem! I can’t speak for other parts of it because I’ve never been.

My boyfriend got the “special” Hot Chocolate in “all in one”. You get a hot cup of foamy milk, and a stick jabbed into a chocolate heart. The novelty of it is to stir the chocolate into the milk to let it melt into the drink. The overall result is a foamy, and well mixed drink. I loved how it wasn’t too sweet.

Here’s a tip: If you’re not one for super sweet desserts, try Asian cakes/pastries instead since they use less sugar.

I ended up getting the Vanilla Honeybush Tea, and we both shared the Gelato Trio (green apple, coconut, and an Asian fruit flavour which I can’t describe…).

Price: $27 (including tips and tax)

Atmosphere: Avoid night time trips if you don’t like crowds. Otherwise it’s pretty quiet during the day.

Service: Nicer than Destiny’s at Kennedy-Steeles! Ok, 0109 is pretty nice but don’t expect them to be super friendly.


I hope you’re having a great weekend! If you’re ever in the area, you should drop by this cafe. Thanks for reading!



3 thoughts on “Food: 0109 Dessert and Chocolate

    1. Yes you should if you’re ever in the area! because Toronto is made up of downtown and different suburbs combined together.
      If you don’t happen to go to Scarborough, I’d recommend ‘Cafe Princess’ in North York for a totally girly experience. 😉

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