Opinions? Fresh: Sugar Cravings Gift Set

Hello fellow bloggers!

So I was trying to look for a lipstick/lip tint gift for my mother. I picked up Fresh’s Sugar Cravings gift set from Sephora for $33 CAD. Each set contains three mini versions, and each tinted lip balm has 2.2 grams of product. Rather than getting the full size version, I got this because she takes absolutely FOREVER to finish any product (no offence)! In fact, she’s a no frills type of person who’s not too fond of wearing makeup in general. xD
Did you ever try Fresh’s lip products before and ended up liking them?




My first impressions in store of the full size testers:

– very moisturising
– had a pleasant, sweet scent
– sheer and natural lip colour
– not sticky
– more natural ingredients

I hope I made the right decision in choosing this gift set! If in the end it does work out, I can always ask my mom for her opinions and I’ll let you all know if you should ever get it too. Thanks for reading, and thank you in advance for adding in your input. šŸ˜€ Have a good week and a good night!


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