Review: Makeup Forever Rouge Artist Natural N9

Hello humans!

Today’s review will be on a Makeup Forever lipstick in the colour, “Rouge Artist Natural N9”. I received this in sample form as a part of Sephora’s Birthday Gift Set. The set also came along with MUF’s mascara but I will review that in a separate post to keep this current review brief yet comprehensive.


Formula: Light, Buildable, Matte Finish


This lipstick provides light coverage upon first application but is definitely buildable for a more pigmented and bolder colour. What I love about this lipstick is that it doesn’t accentuate dryness! It manages to dry into a matte finish without looking cakey nor dry. As well, there is a faint perfume scent to it.

Colour: Darker neutral pink

When I applied this on my hand, it came off as a lighter pink with some sheen to it. When I applied it to my lips, the colour translated into a matte, darker pink – similar to the shade that you see on the actual bullet. This is probably because my lips are naturally redder than pink. I love the formula but I didn’t love the colour so much on my lips. It made me look older than my age.




It feels sturdy and minimalist; the black gives a sleek feel to it. I just don’t like how there isn’t a sticker or colouring on it to identify the shade. So this shade would be difficult to find if you own large amounts of lipstick!

Price: $23 CAD @ Sephora

Here is the Canadian website.

Overall: 4/5

Like I said earlier, I love the formula but I’m not a fan of the colour. Maybe I’m more of a lip gloss sort of girl? Or maybe I’ve yet to find that perfect lipstick shade. I wouldn’t mind checking out other Makeup Forever shades on my real birthday though!

What other Makeup Forever shades have you tried and loved? I love to read all of your comments ❤

Have a great weekend, and thanks for reading!


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