Winter Beauty Tag

Hello all!

Today’s tag comes from a fellow beauty blogger, Plus+ Beauty! Check out her awesome blog and answers! You can also follow her on Facebook for inspirational quotes and updates. ❤


What’s your go-to moisturizer this winter?

This winter, I’m currently using a combination of an oil, and a light moisturizer. I’m using Lush’s Full of Grace Serum and Tony Moly’s Dear Me Waterful Lotion. I’m also using Extra Virgin Olive Oil as a makeup remover to squeeze in that extra moisture!

What’s the best lip balm for the colder months?

Vaseline. Done!

Which festive eyeshadow look do you like the best?

I like the use of coppers and golds for the holidays! If you don’t have that, anything shimmery or with a satin texture works too! I’d personally recommend Essence’s All About Sunrise for an affordable palette full of gold, copper, and glittery colours. You can use it in the summer, for a night look, and for the holidays! P.S. There is some fall out so I’d suggest following up with a black mascara.

Is there any makeup trend you’ll be steering clear of this season?

The idea of a gradient lip is interesting, but the idea of applying concealer on my lips irks me. Sorry.

Best lip color to wear in fall/winter?

When it comes to lip colour, I just go for whatever colour looks good on me regardless of the season. I’ll wear warm colours in the winter, cool colours in the summer. Whatever~

Do you still like to use bronzer in the winter months? And why?

I actually don’t wear bronzer because it doesn’t work with my skin tone. :/

Do you have to change your skincare regime to suit the winter weather?

I just add in a serum/essence to my winter routine. Yup.

Nails for winter: dark or neutral?

RAINBOWS! Ok in all seriousness, if I had to choose…neutral. Dark tones make my hands look old. Honestly though, when it comes to nails, if I could paint a whole rainbow of random colours…I would and I have.

Do you still wear blusher during the winter or let the cold weather color your cheeks?

I actually don’t wear blusher because my cheeks are naturally and permanently blushing. Since I usually wear lightweight foundations, the redness shows through. Soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ya.

Will you be wearing falsies this party season?

If I wasn’t scared of ripping my few lashes out… >.<

Thank you Plus+Beauty for sharing your Winter Tag! I love your genuine answers!
Haha. I realized how I’m so basic because in the case of my lifestyle and skin tone, less is more for me. I’m envious of those of you, who can rock that bronzer and blush. Thumbs up to you!

Feel free to create your own Winter Beauty Tag! Thanks for reading, humans! Peace!


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