5 Tips on ‘What to do with crappy facial cleansers?’

Hello humans!

You don’t have to chuck out that overly drying acne wash anymore! These following tips will help reduce the amount of wastage in your household. Here are 5 tips on what to do with your crappy facial cleansers.

1. Gel Cleansers or Acne Cleansers : Cosmetic Tool Cleaners


A lot of these cleansers tend to be way too astringent and dry for our face. However, the astringent properties make it great for cleaning make up sponges, brushes, and other tools. All you have to do is mix in a few dollops of cleanser into a warm bowl of water, and gently whirl your brushes or rub your sponges in the the water. For expensive brushes though, I wouldn’t recommend this.


2. Foam Cleansers: Hand Wash


Scientists are now warning us that antibacterial hand wash is actually not all that great. Not only do antibacterial products prevent us from developing immunity to bacteria, but it also gets rid of all the necessary, good bacteria. Not to mention, antibacterial products tend to contain ‘triclosan’ which is an endocrine disruptor (a toxin that “messes up our hormones”). So instead of throwing away your foam cleanser, use it as a hand wash. Its foaming activity helps clean our skin, and it’s not as drying as gel cleansers (at least the ones I have aren’t).


3. Facial Wipes: Quick brush clean ups

Source: thebodyshop.co.uk P.S. Not saying I hate body shop. I just needed an image.
Source: thebodyshop.co.uk
P.S. Not saying I hate body shop. I just needed an image.

For some of us, we may find out that acne wipes are way too strong for our skin. Rather than keeping the acne at bay, they cause further break outs. Rather than throwing them out, these wet wipes work for quick clean ups. You can swipe your brush against the wipe to quickly rid of eyeshadows or cream eyeliners.


4.ย Acne Wipes / Oil-Free Facial Wipes: Portable hand wipes

Wipes containing no oil work well as portable hand wipes! They’re great for those days when that restaurant’s public washroom is just absolutely disgusting!


5. Oil-Free Gel Cleansers: Bathtub / Bathroom Sink Cleaner

If worse comes to worst, gel cleansers work as bathtub or sink cleaners. ๐Ÿ˜‰


If there’s one last advice that I can impart to you, I say, stay clear of that pink, gel cleanser. You know, the one that smells like grapefruit…

Haha, thanks for reading guys! Thumbs up this post if you’ll be taking away at least one of these tips! ๐Ÿ˜‰


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