Review: Avene Thermal Spring Water (Eau thermale)

Hello humans!


You must be wondering what’s the point of having a can of water in our skincare routine. I don’t blame you because I thought the same thing. After a couple years of using this, I think I can safely say why some people would like this while others don’t. Keep reading to find out why! Les Francophones, veuillez me dire si vous voulez une revue de ce produit en français. Elle serait un bon moyen de pratiquer la langue. Haha  😛

Thermal Spring Water
Soothing and softening
For sensitive skin


Eau thermale
Apaisante et adoucissante
Peaux sensibles

At the back of the can, they give you several ways in which you can use this product. I’m not going to name them all, but the jist of it is that you can spray it on to relieve irritated skin/ to reduce cakeyness of makeup/ as a toner/ for travels. As for the ingredients, it really is just water.


What’s the point of spraying on thermal water rather than bottled/tap water?

I think that if you live in, or are travelling to an area where the tap water is “hard”, then you will benefit from this product. What I mean by “hard” water is water containing a lot of minerals, which can irritate and dry out our skin. A lot of times, it is this hard water which is the last thing left on our skin before moisturising. That’s where thermal water comes in handy. You can spray this on a cotton pad, and gently wipe your skin to get rid of those minerals. Afterwards, you tap your face to allow your skin to effectively absorb the soft water and immediately follow up with your moisturising routine.


Has it benefited me?

Living in Toronto has its benefits. I’m highly fortunate to be living in an area where we have access to clean, and quite soft water. Hopefully other Torontonians realize how fortunate they are too because a lot of us consume it as if it’s everlasting. Having said that, I haven’t really reached for this product over the years because I didn’t find too much of a need for it. If I was travelling though, I would definitely bring it along to reduce breakouts and to replenish dehydrated skin!



It comes in a white, metal can. I wish the nozzle could spray a finer mist though.


Price: $10-20 CAD

Avene’s thermal water is often on sale at Shoppers Drug Mart for $10 for a full size. Otherwise, it’s around $20 CAD.


Where to buy: Shoppers Drug Mart in Canada, or use this store locator (USA) to find an Avene retailer near you.


Overall: If I was travelling – 4/5 ; On a regular basis- 3.5/5

On a daily basis, this product hasn’t really made a change in the quality of my skin but I’m sure that if I were to travel, it’d make all the difference.


Thanks for reading! What other thermal water mists are out there?


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