How to Control Shopping Urges

Hello humans!

Do you have a whole load of stuff, and are looking to live a more minimalistic life? Or maybe you’re someone who often needs ‘retail therapy’? Or perhaps you’re on a tight budget? Here are ways to control those shopping urges, so that you can live a happier life!



1. Read reviews before buying

When you read reviews before buying, you’re making a more informed purchase and avoiding impulse buys. It gives you time to think and process by yourself, “Is this right for me? Do I really need it? Do I already have something similar?”


2. Avoid malls, and enjoy the ‘moment’ in nature

I used to have the habit of walking through the mall before going home. Often what happened was that I left with at least one new item every time, which was exciting – I guess. All these purchases added up to quite a bit.

Instead, keep walking past that mall! Rather than enjoying the ‘moment’ with your purchase, enjoy the ‘moment’ with nature. When we’ve lived in a neighbourhood for a long time, we forget how beautiful it actually is. We become desensitized to its beauty because we’re so used to seeing it everyday. Take time to observe and experience nature’s beauty, whether that be the trees, grass, birds, or cool air. Even if you live in a really urban neighbourhood, you have the buildings and people themselves to get to know. 


3. If you feel the urge to shop, go to the library instead

I’m kind of a bookworm, and I feel like discovering new books at the library is similar to discovering new products in store. Difference is I’m not buying anything; I’m enjoying new stories and adventures rather than consumerism.


4. Shop with a responsible friend

If you do have to shop, shop with the responsible friend. They can help tell you when something is or is not an appropriate purchase. You may want to avoid shopping with your fellow shopaholic.


5. Learn a new skill or develop existing ones

When you learn a new skill, it gives you an opportunity to pick up a new hobby! This hobby takes your mind off of shopping, and it allows you to focus your energy on something productive! Just make sure that this new hobby doesn’t involve collecting anything… Here are some suggestions: martial arts, languages, cooking, fitness, blogging, reading, or writing.


6. Most importantly, experience events rather than products.

Rather than rewarding ourselves with an item, take part in an event! Some of these events may cost, but a lot of city/neighbourhood events are free. These may be musical, environmental, humanitarian, film .etc. events. When you spend your time rewarding yourself with experience, you feel a lot better about yourself and about life. 20 years from now, you can tell those young ‘uns about interesting events, but you can’t tell them about what products you bought. Besides, who knows, you may get to meet new people, help out a great cause, and discover new endeavours! 


I hope you can take away these tips to help improve your life or that of a loved one. I do hope that they help! Do you have more advice for people who shop a lot? Thanks again for reading, and see ya’ next time!


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