Review: Motives Cosmetics Compact Beauty

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Anyway, today I’ve got a review of Motive Cosmetics’ Compact Beauty! Prior to purchasing these products, I read great reviews which didn’t mention a lot of things that I experienced. That’s most likely because they were all sponsored or they were Sales Consultants themselves. I’m not trying to say that sponsored reviews are bad, but there doesn’t seem to be a lot of varied sources out there when it comes to reviews of this compact. So here goes~

Eyeshadow Formula:
Soft, Shimmery, Satin Finish, Light to Medium Pigment, Sweet Scent

Eyeshadow shades from top to bottom: pink, dark brown, light brown, yellow
Eyeshadow shades from top to bottom:
pink, dark brown, light brown, yellow
Pink did not show up on camera. It was the uppermost shade.

I’ve never smelled eyeshadows before, but these ones smell NICE – kinda’ like vanilla? Yum.
When it comes to pigment, the brown and yellow shades are soft, satiny, shimmery, with medium pigment. I LOVE the bottom 3 shades because the colours look so beautiful and natural. It’s too bad that they’re not showing through too well on camera. But soft and satiny shadows are great for people like me because they’re easy to blend and build. They also give a nice translucent and natural finish. In fact, the three shades remind me of the formula and texture of Japanese eyeshadows (from what I’ve seen on blogs). On the other hand, don’t bother with the pink shade. I wasn’t able to build it even with a wet brush because it was not pigmented at all.

Lip Gloss Formula: Sheer, Shimmery, Moisturising, Sweet Scent


When were lip palettes ever super good? These glosses are shimmery but there’s little to no pigment. However, they are moisturising! So you can opt out of carrying a lip balm with this compact in your purse.





The size of this compact is actually around the size of a palm. When you open it, the lip palette feels quite flimsy so I would be careful.

Price: $21 USD ; $22.77 CAD

Overall: 3/5

Overall, I would say that this compact is an okay product. Considering how the 3 shades were only the great aspects, I feel like $23 is a bit expensive considering its quality and ingredients. It’s definitely not their greatest product, and probably just put out there as a gift for younger girls or as a stocking stuffer. I think if you want to check out their eyeshadows, it’s better to try their real eyeshadow palettes.

Also, if you want to try soft, shimmery shadows I’d suggest testing out Visee or Kate shadows from Japan. They usually get high reviews. I haven’t tried them myself as of yet, but I do know that you can purchase them from AdamBeauty. I think their shipping is around $3 too! Just don’t forget to convert HK dollars to your domestic currency. *Not sponsored by them by the way*

Yup, so this was my honest opinion about the beauty compact. Maybe others really loved it, who knows. Have you ever tried this, and what did you think of it? Thanks for reading, and see ya’ next time!


3 thoughts on “Review: Motives Cosmetics Compact Beauty

  1. Hi! I was searching for makeup looks I could do with the compact when I came across your blog review. First of all, thanks for the review!

    I just wanted to make a note about the pink. Maybe it has to do with skin tone? I am asian with a yellow (obvi) undertone, and the pink shadow actually showed up on me like a girly, icing pink. Don’t know whether I really care for this shade of pink on me, but I just wanted to share. ^_^

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    1. Hi Angela. Thanks for dropping by! Haha, I’m also Asian with yellow undertone so I don’t know. It could be that, or the texture just didn’t work out for me. Thanks for sharing your experience with it. I really appreciate it. 🙂

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