Review: Innisfree Canola Honey Serum

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Today I have a review of a Korean serum from Innisfree, called the Canola Honey Serum. My boyfriend got this for me from the ‘Multi Brand Shop’ in Pacific Mall. The store has a pink and white sign with a white interior. The sales associate said that this serum is more like the Korean essences rather than the thick serums that we get here in North America.

So here goes~

Formula: Gel-like consistency / Essence; honey fragrance; slightly sticky; moisturising


I found that this serum absorbed into the skin easily, and it moisturises with some stickiness. It’s not noticeable in the dry winter but it is during the humid summer. It’s a little thicker than a day-time emulsion (lotion) but it’s not so thick that it would break me out. In fact, I found this serum thinner and gentler than the Lush Full of Grace Serum.

I’ve heard from others that it’s better to apply moisturizers in order from a watery consistency to a thicker viscosity. So that would be toner –> essence –> serum –> emulsion/ cream . But on this box, Innisfree suggests applying this serum before their “pack & cream”. Meh, I say go for whatever works for you.





It comes in a 50mL plastic pump bottle. Thus making it travel friendly, and more hygienic than a jar!

Price: Around $32 CAD at Multi Brand Shop @ Pacific Mall

You can also get this on various Asian cosmetics websites.

Overall: 4.5/5

I actually like this better than my Lush serum. It moisturises without feeling too heavy in the winter, but I’d be wary about using this during the summer. So far it hasn’t broken me out, and it has helped to add that extra moisture for the winter. 😉

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