Making a Charm Bracelet More Meaningful

Hello humans~

This new year, I decided to organize my accessories/ jewelry drawer to clearly see what’s going on. I realized that I had many necklaces that were given from important people in my life. Unfortunately, because I’m so used to just wearing my one heart pendant, I haven’t worn the others too often. So I set two realistic and fun goals for this new year!

1) Create a DIY necklace hanger.

2) Add meaningful necklace pendants to my charm bracelet.

Necklace Hanger

All I did was use a mini clothes hanger and some yarn. I twisted the hook to adjust it to the handle of my drawer. Afterwards, I just tied some yarn onto the hanger to separate the necklaces. Doing this prevented the necklaces from shifting around too much and getting all tangled. I know, it’s not the prettiest display BUUUUT it works for now. Haha!


Making a Charm Bracelet More Meaningful

I took off the dog charms and replaced them with necklace pendants: boat, turtle, and reindeer.
I took off the dog charms and replaced them with necklace pendants: boat, turtle, and reindeer.
The tool I used... Someone please tell me what it is called! *face palm
Thanks to FoundthisPaintedthat, I found out that this tool is called pliers.

I got a charm bracelet from Bittersweet a couple of years ago because it looked stylish and was on sale. I decided on it so impulsively that I didn’t notice it was full of dog motifs. Don’t get me wrong. I don’t hate dogs, but dogs were never really a huge part of my life. So other than the fact that this bracelet was cute, it didn’t have much meaning to me. Then add the growing guilt from not wearing necklaces given to me by my aunts and mother…

So that’s why today I’m glad that I got the idea of turning my aunt and mom’s necklaces into charms.

All I did was choose certain ones that were more appropriate for a charm bracelet than a necklace. Then, I selected the ones that would actually fit on the bracelet. Using pliers, I pried open the loops attached to the dog charms and removed them. Using the same loops, I added the necklace pendants and closed the loops using the tool.

Now this bracelet is so much more meaningful to me because it reminds me of my family. ❤

I hope these ideas help you rediscover the hidden gems of your jewelry or accessories collection! What other DIY storage ideas have you tried? Thanks again for reading!

Wishing you all a happy and prosperous new year filled with good health! 🙂


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