Review: Sephora All Access Glam Palette

Hello humans~

Today’s review is kind of long overdue because it was a birthday gift that I got from my friend. I believe the Sephora released the All Access Glam Palette as part of their holiday theme. Luckily for makeup lovers, this palette can be worn long after Christmas and New Years.


What’s inside? 

– 8 eyeshadows: shimmery bronzes/greys/whites/silver/golds
– 4 different pink blushes
– 1 luminizer


Eyeshadow Formula: Powder, Pigmented, Shimmery

Although these powder eyeshadows are not what you would typically consider “buttery” or “creamy”, the pay off is medium to high pigmentation. I’m also happy to say that I didn’t experience any fall-out so far with these shadows! Kind of surprising because I thought that the lack of ‘buttery’ consistency would cause that. Another thing that I love about this palette is that the colours are great for general “glam it up” events, or even for a night out. They’re easy to apply, build, and blend out.

The colours are more pigmented and true in person than on camera.


To be honest, I don’t use blush because I use sheer foundations on my naturally pink skin…ahaha…so I can’t say much. However, I do love all the four shades of pink. How can I describe them? Bubble gum, mauve pink, dusty rose, and coral pink? They can also work as multitaskers, if used as subtle pink eyeshadows with black eyeliner. 😉


It looks like gold in the case, but applies like beautiful and subtle shimmer. It’s great for natural and pearlescent highlighting.


Sorry about the glare. I took this photo at night and my lights are not great.

Packaging: LOOVE!

I absolutely adore the packaging! It is large enough to fit all these face products, but small and sturdy enough to be a travel buddy! It is just slightly bigger than the size of my hand. Did I mention that the front of the case reminds me of The Great Gatsby?

Price: $20 CAD

Overall: 5/5

I love the colours and ease of use of this palette! A lot of palettes tend to be HUGE and BULKY, but this one is just the right size. The glam of the palette and packaging are awesome bonuses too!

So the big question is what holiday palette did you end up purchasing over the holidays? I’d love to hear about them! Thanks again for reading!

UPDATE: The lighter eyeshadow shades have turned chalky. The blushes, dark eyeshadows, and luminizer are still fine.


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