First Impressions Review: It’s Skin

Hello humans~

Today’s review will be on a first impressions basis of a Prestige creme d’escargot sample from It’s Skin. This Korean franchise newly opened at Pacific Mall in Markham (GTA)! So Torontonians, if you’ve been on the hunt for It’s Skin products, you better head on over! It’s not too small of a store either. Their real estate is approximately the size of Face Shop’s; in fact, they’re right beside each other.

I wish they didn’t use snails to make cosmetics. I know people all want that elusive elixir of eternal youth and beauty…but why does it have to be at the cost of others’ livelihood? Thumbs down for animal cruelty. 😦  The sales associate claimed that the use of snail secretion in this product helps with whitening/brightening the skin. I know that the slime from snails can help with moisturization but whitening? I don’t think so.


Formula: Fragrant, Moisturizing

Because this is a sample, I can’t say too much about it. As it is a cream, it is moisturizing and absorbs quickly into the skin. I didn’t find this to break me out. However, they did add a lot of fragrance to this product. It smells like perfume. So if you have sensitive skin or if you’re not keen on perfumed products, I’d stay away from this one.


Ingredients available here on CosDNA.

Overall:  3/5

As a cream, it does what it is supposed to do. It is moisturising and absorbs quickly into the skin. However, I took off 2 points for animal cruelty and the heavy use of fragrance. Hopefully, It’s Skin can join the many other businesses that have chosen to be cruelty free. >.<

Are there any creams that you love to use?

Thanks again for reading and see ya’ next time!


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