Review: Lush Eau Roma Water (Toner)

Hello humans~

So I realized that my usual toner was breaking me out, so now I’m using it as a makeup remover instead. In replacement of that product, I’ve been using Lush’s Eau Roma Water for the past couple of weeks. I was also curious to see if there was a difference between that and a thermal water spray (where the sole ingredient is water). Another bonus is that Lush is a natural and cruelty-free brand!

So here goes!

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Formula and Performance: Refreshing, Lavender Fragrance, Minimizes Cakey Makeup

Eau roma smells like lavender with a hint of herbs – don’t quote me on that. Other than fragrance, I personally didn’t notice a difference in performance between the Lush spray and thermal water sprays (Avene Thermal Spring Water). So for that reason if I had to choose between the two, I would choose Avene because it only contains 1 ingredient – water. However, if you find that Lavender improves your skin’s condition, then perhaps Eau roma is better for you. 🙂

I spritz this on before moisturizer to help it absorb better. I also use it after makeup to minimize cakeyness/ dryness.

Ingredients: Contains ‘fragrance’ and ‘methylparaben’

Lavender Water (Lavendula hybrida) , Rose Water (Rosa centifolia) , *Citronellol , *Geraniol , *Limonene ,*Linalool , Fragrance , Methylparaben


It comes in a simple, black spray bottle which is 100% recycled. The spray itself is kinda’ sudden, so be prepared to “close your eyes tightly” as the bottle says.

Price: $10 for 100mL ; $22 for 250mL

Overall: 4.5/5

I took 0.5 marks off because of the addition of ‘fragrance’. The term ‘fragrance’ can encompass one to a plethora of ingredients. We wouldn’t know because companies aren’t obligated to let us know what they used as fragrance. Other than that, I like using it. Although the ingredients aren’t perfect, Eau roma is more natural than a lot of toners that we find in stores. This toner does what a toner is supposed to do. It helps my moisturizer absorb faster, and reduces cakeyness. During the heat, it can also help to refresh skin.


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