How to Make Your Cleanser More Cushiony

Hello humans!

If you feel like your cleanser isn’t producing a cushiony foam, check out your local Japanese dollar store for a foaming net. I got this from the Japanese dollar store in the basement level of Pacific Mall.
All you do is wet the net, apply a dollop of cleanser to it, and start rubbing the net together to create cushiony foam. This also works with a facial bar soap; simply rub the wet bar of soap onto the net, then rub the net together to produce foam. Doing so would prevent you from tugging and stretching out your skin during cleansing. It also helps to better clean out your pores. Plus, if anything… it’s fun!

SIDE NOTE: When choosing a foaming cleanser, try to choose one that is creamy or moisturizing, as foam cleansers in general can be drying. Usually, I find that Korean foam cleansers are more creamy in texture and also just as affordable as North American drugstore products. So if you have a Korean cosmetics store nearby, I’d say check it out if you can! Here are three foam cleansers that I’ve used before and enjoyed. If not, let us know what Western foaming cleansers are just as moisturizing!






Tony Moly Olive Seed Foaming Cleanser




Tony Moly Olive Seed Foaming Cleanser

Stay warm everyone, and hopefully you can find this interesting contraption near you! Thanks for reading!


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