Review: Quo Brow Grooming Duo

Fellow Canadians, if you’re looking for an affordable brow grooming kit (scissors and brush), check your local Shoppers Drug Mart for the Quo Brow Grooming Duo.


I wish I could spend $35-40 CAD on Tweezerman, but my student budget doesn’t allow me to do so. Haha… So I ended up using my optimum points to purchase Quo’s kit, which came in at $8.50+tax.

I like how the scissors are sharp, but it seems like they need some breaking into as they’re a bit stiff. It doesn’t seem like a big deal, but when you’re cutting your brows, precision is key. Stiff scissors might cause you to cut off a little more than expected… I also wish that the scissors were slightly curved at the tip like nail scissors. I think that would make grooming a lot easier, especially when used in conjunction with the wand. However, its current shape is still doable.

Overall, I wasn’t expecting too much from this kit because it’s one of the cheapest brow grooming kits out there in Canadian drug stores. It does a decent job. You just need to break it in a bit, and get over the learning curve of using  non-curved scissors (Grown-up scissors! Just like using grown up chopsticks!). 

Remember these?


Chopsticks for kids


Thanks for reading! Are there any other affordable brow grooming kits that you can recommend? Tweezerman products aren’t too available in Canada, and when they are, they’re super pricey! Does it cost this much in the U.S. too? A pair of tweezers was $35. >.<



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