Food: Vermicelli @ Pho Vietnam

I was originally going to order pho but I decided, “Meh, why not try something different?”

Vermicelli with spring roll and grilled chicken @ Pho Vietnam (Toronto) for $8.50. Warning: Spring roll is HOT (temperature wise)! Don’t take large bites.

If you’re in Scarborough and wondering which cuisine to try out amongst the vast selection of ethnic foods, it can’t hurt to try out Vietnamese cuisine. They’re usually not spicy, not too salty, and they contain lotsa’ fresh vegetables – if you go to a more authentic one, that is.

Pho Vietnam, on Midland and Finch, is located at the very end of the Sky City Shopping Centre (more like plaza). Unlike its competitor right on the main intersection, Pho Vietnam is clean, welcoming, more authentic, and it has great service.

Unlike pho, this vermicelli is a cold dish. You have to mix up the crushed peanuts, vinegared radish and carrots, mint, grilled chicken, and cucumbers while pouring in the fish sauce. My mistake was taking a large bite out of the spring roll first. Bad idea! I ended up burning my tongue and it took three days to heal! So the rest of this lunch session ended up being painful. From what I could taste of the dish, it was a nice mixture of fresh and tangy vegetables with meat. Although the grilled chicken was a little dry, I “revived” it with some fish sauce. The deep fried spring roll was also crispy and flavourful, but a little bit dry.

My overall experience with this vermicelli dish was pretty good. It was a nice switch from the usual pho. So if you’re into having more vegetables and less sodium in your dish, try out a dry vermicelli dish over pho.

What traditional Vietnamese dishes would you recommend?



One thought on “Food: Vermicelli @ Pho Vietnam

  1. I struggle with the lesson of patience when confronted with hot food. 😛 While a burnt tongue (or roof of mouth) is a good reminder to take my time, it’s a lesson I find myself working through again and again. 😛
    P.S. The food looks yummy!


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