Review: Make Up For Ever Pro-Finish Multi-use Powder Foundation

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A while back, I was looking for a powder foundation to minimize breakouts, as it doesn’t clog pores as much as liquid foundation. I came across great reviews of Make Up For Ever’s powder foundation. Many people raved about how it provided good coverage without caking up the skin. Keep on reading for my experience of the product!

pro finish



Formula: Finely Milled, Good Coverage, Mattifies for a few hours, Oxidizes slightly, Clumps on oily skin


Compared to the previous powder foundation that I reviewed, Make Up Forever’s powder is finely milled. For that reason, I didn’t find it to cake up on my skin. I also experienced slight oxidization with this product, and had to return to Sephora to select one that was one shade lighter (Neutral Ivory). One shade lighter doesn’t make too much of a difference in skin tone, but a shade darker makes all the difference. People were asking why my skin was so dark, haha.

As a powder, it mattifies the skin. However, 2-3, my skin turned oilier than usual. This is not the case with the Face Shop powder foundation, nor the Urban Decay Naked Foundation (liquid).

Update: During the summer, I also found that this would clump on my face especially after sweating. I wouldn’t recommend this if you have oily skin.



Price: $42 CAD @ Sephora





The product (0.35 oz.; 10 g.) comes in a black, plastic compact with a mirror. If you flip up the powder, there is a sponge underneath and holes to keep the sponge aerated.


Overall: 2.5/ 5

This is a good product for a quick foundation routine. I like how it doesn’t cake up my dry patches, and provides good coverage. I would use this on days when I’m not going anywhere for too long, as the eventual oiliness gets uncomfortable. So personally for me, I don’t pick up this powder too often. For others though, they find this foundation to match their skin perfectly.

Update: This would only be good for people with normal to dry skin. Although if you are on the drier side, I wouldn’t recommend that you use a powder foundation – stick to liquid or cream. However, I wouldn’t recommend it for oily skin either as it has a tendency to clump.

Have you ever used Make Up For Ever’s Multi-Use Powder Foundation? How did you find it?

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