What to put in your makeup bag? (for the basic girl)

If you’re basic like me, your makeup bag will be pretty minimal.

So here’s a guide of what to put in your daily makeup bag for touch ups after school or work- for the basic girl and for the minimalist.



1) Let’s assume that you’re already wearing waterproof mascara and waterproof eyeliner because you’re awesome like that. That way, you can avoid re-application throughout the day.

Therefore, you don’t need to carry an eyeliner or a mascara.


2) The basic girl wants to carry as little as possible. Instead of carrying a lip gloss/lipstick AND a lip balm, bring a tinted lip balm or lip treatment.

Recommendation: Sugar Berry Tinted Lip Treatment 
It gives the right amount of colour while moisturising your lips. It also smells delicious!


3) Sometimes, you may want to touch up during a long day at work. So bring a pressed powder foundation that doubles as a setting powder. DO NOT throw out the sponge in the compact. It saves you from bringing a bulky brush.

Recommendation: FACE it Collagen EX Two-Way Cake (Oily Skin)
The Face Shop foundation may be too dry for initial foundation application. However, it works fine as a setting powder when your face is oilier. Plus a powder foundation gives you more coverage than a regular setting powder.


4) Have a small roll-on perfume or a solid perfume on hand to keep yourself smelling fresh!

Recommendation: Lush Vanillary (solid perfume)
Lush’s Vanillary is an uncomplicated scent, which gives you the lovely sweet and natural aroma of vanilla.


5) If you’ve got plans in the evening, bring a shimmery, single or duo eyeshadow to glam things up!

Recommendation: Clinique All About Shadow Duos;   Aritaum Mono Eyes
The reformulated Clinique eyeshadow duos are pigmented, soft, and easy to blend out. You can use the shimmery shade as a base, and the darker shade for the outer-v shape. The brush in the compact is also soft enough to use on travels.
On the other hand, Aritaum Mono Eyes singles have a great variety of colours. The one that I’m currently in love with is No.37, an iridescent rose gold. If you’re already wearing eyeshadow, you can use your finger to apply the shimmery shadow on top of your previous base shade. Hopefully your previous shade was a neutral colour. >.<


6) If you feel like you’re looking tired, brighten up your eye with a nude coloured eye-pencil on the inner corners of your eyes.

Recommendation: Rimmel Scandaleyes in 005 Nude
This pencil is affordable and available in most drug stores. It brightens up your eyes with a natural looking colour, without tugging at your sensitive skin.


7) Lastly, it’s a good idea to have a small tube of hand cream.

Recommendation: Glysomed Hand Cream
It’s available in most drug stores, and it’s good! Any other hand cream works too.


So that’s it, ladies! Because there weren’t many items, you can probably just pop ’em in your purse without a makeup bag. It’s really up to you. 🙂  So let me know if you feel like I missed something! Thanks again for reading!

And have a Happy Valentines Day, a Happy Chinese New Year (if you’re celebrating this weekend), and a Happy Family Day (for fellow Ontarians)!



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