Food Review: Old Spaghetti Factory

If you’re out with the family, Old Spaghetti Factory is a great place to bring your kids for a fulfilling and inexpensive meal. If you’re out on a date or with friends, it’s still a nice place to check out some wacky and whimsical decor. I wish I took more photos to show you all the awesome vintage pieces! IMG_20150310_143639835 IMG_20150310_144003974 IMG_20150310_143939540Location: Toronto, ON 

-near Union Station

-54 The Esplanade

Decor: Whimsical, Storybook-like

Even if you’re not there for the food, you should still check it out as it feels like a tourist destination in itself. The numerous gum ball machines, stained glass lighting, and merry-go-round horses make you feel like you’ve stepped into a fantasy storybook.

Lunch Menu: Pasta [includes…bread, soup/ salad, tea/coffee, ice cream]

I got the vegetable soup instead of the salad (as the latter got bad reviews). It was a tomato soup with carrots, chick peas, and sweet peppers – a great combination of sour and spicy. As for the pasta, I chose the spaghetti with tomato meat sauce. It was pretty good! The pasta was al dente with the right amount of sauce and meat. It was great how the pasta wasn’t watery either (don’t you hate when that happens?)! After the entree, the server asked if we wanted ice cream for dessert. I chose the Spumoni ice cream (a mixture of pistachio, vanilla, and chocolate). My new favourite flavour?

I’ll definitely visit again with my friends next time to take food photos! I was having lunch with my students and their parent after tutoring, so I felt like it wasn’t appropriate to take photos at the table. >.<  So look forward to more pics!

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