The next time you’re at Moxie’s, get…

…their Chicken & Wild Mushroom Pizza (with truffles) and their Seared Ginger Tuna Salad. Usually, I’m not a fan of Moxie’s, but my friend recommended these two dishes and they’re soooooooooooo delish! Even if you’re sharing the pizza and salad amongst two people, you’ll both be full by the end of it all.

Chicken & Wild Mushroom Pizza: “herbed cream cheese, hint of truffle, crispy sage & grana padano”


Unless you’ve got a large stomach, this pizza is great for 2 people. I loved the combination of chicken and mushrooms on a pizza. They put a hefty amount of toppings, so if you’re not careful, it will spill all over your plate. The sage also added a nice touch of crispiness to the pizza. Don’t wait too long to eat though! This thin-crusted pizza has a tendency to turn soggy, making you fold each slice before biting into it.

Seared Ginger Tuna Salad: “rare ocean wise albacore tuna with edamame beans, avocado, daikon, cashews & cucumber ponzu emulsion”


The tuna salad was a great side to have with the pizza. The tangy flavour of vinegar salad dressing, and freshness of mixed greens cut the grease of the pizza. The raw and low-fat tuna was also super fresh, and satisfied my craving for seafood without being overpowering in its “fishy” taste.

Trust me, both of these look better in person than on camera.

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4 thoughts on “The next time you’re at Moxie’s, get…

  1. I’ve only had truffles once in my life and I didn’t get all the fuss. It tasted like expensive dirt :P. I’m sure your pizza tastes a lot better than what I’m imagining haha. Looks delicious

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