Review: Visiting Casa Loma in Toronto

Casa Loma is a Gothic Revival castle built in Toronto during the early 1900s, as a home to Sir Henry Pellatt and his wife, Lady Mary Pellatt. Shortly after the First World War, they were unable to upkeep their massive home and its large expense. It was running them into a debt of $1.7 million CAD. It was from there, that Casa Loma passed through the hands of several owners until the City of Toronto declared the castle as a museum and heritage site.




It was really beautiful inside and out. You could tell that the couple took great care into choosing their decor and furniture. The pictures below are only a fraction of what I saw. My favourite rooms were definitely ‘Lady Mary’s Suite’ and the ‘Oak Room’. To see more pics, you can check out their online gallery here! Not all rooms are displayed there, but you get the idea of what it looks like.

P.S. If you come in the summer, you’ll get to see the garden in full bloom.
P.P.S. Canadian summers are from June until early September.


Sorry for the poor lighting! Surprisingly, they had some Asian influenced decor as well.
Picture Source:
Picture Source: (Lady Mary’s Suite)


Family Place? : Yes and No

Yes, because they have several events for kids to take part in like a magic show, meeting Belle and Cinderella, cookie decoration .etc.  No, because I found that the kids didn’t really understand nor appreciate the beauty of the place. They just wanted to collect stamps, meet princesses, and leave (haha).




Ticket Price:

Adults- $24 (during March Break, it was $30)

Kids- $14

Seniors & Youth – $18


If you’ve never been, I do suggest visiting Casa Loma (near Dupont station) if you’re ever in Toronto. It may be a bit pricey, but it was really nice to see what design tastes aristocrats preferred back then. 🙂


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