Review: Vegetarian Haven @ Toronto

This was my first time at a vegetarian restaurant in Toronto. Vegetarian Haven is a small (hipster) place tucked away on 17 Baldwin Street. They’ve got that brick wall, a stack of books and all. And, well, it was surprisingly good!


My friends and I had the lunch set, which included the soup of the day and the special of the day. The soup was full of flavour! You could taste the tomatoes, carrots, chick peas, and coconut curry. Yum, I think I would’ve been satisfied with just the soup alone.

For the entree, we had a vegetable pie with a side of noodles, vegetables, and coconut curry. It seems that a lot of their dishes are a fusion of Western and Asian cuisine.


I would absolutely go back there if I’m ever downtown. The pricing was also decent. Both dishes were around $20 after tax. Restaurants like these really do show you that it’s possible to have delicious and fulfilling vegetarian cuisine. So if you’re ever out with your vegan or vegetarian friends and don’t know where to go, definitely try this place out with them!


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