30 Before 30 Tag

I came across the 30 Before 30 tag on Cateyesredlips ‘ blog. It really inspired me to solidify what I want in life ’cause, quite frankly, I’m not the type of person to make long term plans. So do check out her awesome responses here! If you want to do this tag as well, feel free!

These are 30 things that I want to do before the age 30:

  1. Rediscover motivation, determination, and perseverance. Once I find a passion, I hope everything else will come back!
  2. Rent a place with my boyfriend
  3. Travel with my boyfriend
  4. Have a spa day with girlfriends
  5. Find an interesting job
  6. Party hard in Vegas?
  7. Go zip-lining in Quebec!!!
  8. Organize a cocktail party. I think it’d be pretty cool to arrange all the decor and drinks. XD
  9. Use mineral makeup, haha.
  10. Travel somewhere where it’s not all about shopping. Just backpack around. Take photos. Eat. Experience.
  11. Learn how to swim and dive
  12. Alleviate social anxiety.
  13. Try out hypnotherapy.
  14. Earn a stable income
  15. FINALLY dye my hair pink!!!
  16. Get laser surgery on my birthmark ’cause it’s getting pinker as I age. I’m afraid it will turn red one day.
  17. Meet more spiritual, kind, and calm friends
  18. Have and befriend a rabbit! ❤
  19. Befriend a cat too
  20. Play tennis
  21. Eat more fruits and vegetables.
  22. Own a fuel efficient car – I don’t know if this one is feasible before 30 in Toronto.
  23. Grow my own vegetable garden.
  24. Have a dedicated place to volunteer at
  25. Join a good gym that’s actually close to home
  26. Try out kayaking
  27. Visit Toronto Islands
  28. Go to Mont Tremblant Resort in the summer
  29. Go to Blue Mountain Resort in the winter
  30. Change my fashion style!!

Those are 30 goals I guess, lol. This summer though, if I don’t have tutoring, I’m definitely trying out pink hair!
So what are some things that you’d like to complete before 30?



7 thoughts on “30 Before 30 Tag

  1. Great post!! Those are some great things you want to do! If I do this post it would have to be 40 things before 40 because I’m already 31 lol. I might just do that though. 🙂 xo

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  2. Joining a gym is one of my biggest regret lol. I paid for a full year pass. I managed to go regularly for a few months but I pretty much didn’t go in my last 6 months. Money wasted…. Haha

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