Video Share: “How plastic microbeads are causing big problems” by Lush

Hi everyone,

Just wanted to share this great video by Lush about how plastic microbeads in our facial scrubs are affecting not only living organisms, but also compromising our ecosystems altogether.

What can we do? Stop our consumption of scrubs that contain plastic microbeads. Opt for scrubs that contain jojoba beads, or finely milled sugar or salt. If you’re not a scrubs sort of person, a face cloth or wash cloth do double duty as an exfoliant as well.

We’ve got many options. Let’s work together to protect our ecosystems, the world we live in.



25 thoughts on “Video Share: “How plastic microbeads are causing big problems” by Lush

  1. This has been bothering me for a while. I never know what products have the plastic beads in them, I would discontinue using them. Great post very important! I’m reblogging!

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    1. Same for me! I believe that most of the time, if they use words like “beads” or “microbeads”, they’re most likely plastic beads. If not, then the packaging should state what they really are.

      If the scrubs do happen to contain plastic, the best thing we can do is to return the product with the reason being, “Contains plastic beads”. It lets retailers know that we’re looking for more sustainable options. Thanks for sharing the video and getting the message out there!

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      1. You’re welcome! It’s important to know what to look for so companies can start using ingredients that aren’t plastic. Have a great weekend! Xo ❀

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  2. This is absolutely terrible. Like she said, even if you don’t eat fish, this still affects everyone. I retweeted from @thePrettyPom and also signed the petition to pass the bill requiring the absence of microbeads in products. Thank you for posting this!

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      1. Oh, of course! I don’t think I ever even realized that they were actual plastic. I thought they dissolved or something. I’m all for conservation and if the least we can do is just buy something that doesn’t have microbeads, I feel like we should all do it. Thanks for posting so that I could educate myself! πŸ™‚

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  3. Reblogged this on L U C E | L U X E and commented:
    I recently bought a facial scrub from The Body Shop and have been using physical exfoliators for years, but recently have been unhappy with the results and the damage they do to the texture of my skin. A couple of months ago I made the move towards muslin cloths and facial loofas as an alternative. After seeing this video I’m so glad I did. I’m saying no to microbeads and micro plastics.

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  4. Thank you so much for sharing this video. I’ve been seeing this hashtag a lot lately but didn’t really understand what exactly it meant, and hadn’t yet researched it for myself. Wow. So crazy. I will definitely be making some changes in the toothpaste that we use in our home. I have switched over to clean facial and skincare products but the toothpaste still remains. That’s definitely the next thing to be nixed for sure!

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  5. Just reblogged this to my site!
    There’s been a lot of stir about this lately and this video definitely helps explain WHY microbeads are bad for our environment.
    Physical exfoliating is beneficial for the skin when used in moderation, but there are other exfoliator options besides microbeads ie: nut shells, sugar scrubs, jojoba esters etc , as well as reusable tools like cloths, brushes and sponges.
    Many thanks for spreading the word!

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