The Best Ice Cream Ever?? Vanilla Almond Bark Tofu Ice Cream

Guys, I think I found my favourite flavour- Vanilla Almond Bark Tofu Ice Cream. Although, maybe the “tofu” bit is dressing up its name a bit. It’s another way to say “soy ice cream”. Nevertheless, this has been one of the most elegant flavours that I’ve tried so far.

IMG_20150527_193148938 IMG_20150527_193153248

Unlike regular ice cream, it’s creamier and thicker in texture. It has that natural vanilla taste combined with the nutty aroma of almonds. Unlike a lot of almond flavoured foods, this doesn’t have almond flakes inside. Instead, it has small black locust beans to add some slight crunch to it. My favourite part is that it’s not too sweet. Just the right amount of sweetness! And that’s what makes it such a perfect dessert for “grown-ups”. It’s like an ice cream that has graduated from those overly sweet (and fake) flavours of childhood – don’t get me wrong, they’re still good!

If you want to look for this  flavour near you, I believe it’s manufactured by Tofutti. The reason why I “think” this is because I didn’t buy this from the grocery store. I tried it at Vegetarian Haven and decided to immediately google the flavour. Then, Tofutti came up as a result.

You can check out the ingredients here.

You can also find out where to buy it, here.

If you’re in Canada, you can use this store-finder.


What’s your favourite ice-cream flavour? ❤

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2 thoughts on “The Best Ice Cream Ever?? Vanilla Almond Bark Tofu Ice Cream

  1. I saw your title and saw Tofu! I thought you had to be kidding… tofu ice cream sounded disgusting (Not the biggest Tofu fan haha). Then I read your post explaining it was soy and thought maybe you weren’t so crazy after all. Glad to clear that up! lol

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