Review: Loreal Gentle Micellar Solution

I was one of those people who heard about all the hype of Bioderma’s micellar water, but didn’t want to spend $25 CAD on a bottle. Garnier wasn’t on the shelves, so I went for Loreal which was on sale for $10 CAD.

Micellar solution is a chemical formulation that resembles water, and it claims to be able to remove makeup without the need to wash your face afterwards. I think the idea of this is pretty awesome for travelling, but not for daily makeup removal as I’m sure that a residue will be left behind. Not to mention, there would be no point in leaving it on your skin since it doesn’t contain any skincare benefits.

Read on to find out my experience of this product.IMG_20150710_185747221


Performance: Effortlessly removes foundation; A little drying

The micellar water EASILY swipes off my liquid foundation without rubbing. I don’t need much product to remove makeup, so this bottle will last quite long. However, when it comes to eye makeup, it’s still best to keep an oil or oil based product. My favourite is olive oil; it always does the trick! 😉  I also found this micellar solution to be slightly drying on my dry patches, especially if not rinsed off. So after using the micellar water, I would wash my face with a balm cleanser to clean deep within the pores. Finally, last but not least, it does not cause me to break out. Phew!







Price: $10 CAD @ Shoppers Drug Mart


Packaging: The spout can cause more than enough product to leak out. To avoid that I place the cotton pad over the spout, and quickly turn over the bottle 3 times to dampen the pad.


Overall: 4/5

Other than the fact that it can be drying, I love this product. It saves me from rubbing my skin when removing makeup, which prevents wrinkles. It also prevents me from rubbing my makeup all over my face, which (I’m pretty sure) causes your skin to absorb all that junk. xP  Not only that but it didn’t cause breakouts like olive oil did to me. As great as EVOO can be for removing eye makeup, it’s not great for the face as a whole if you have acne-prone skin.

Which makeup removal technique is your favourite? 

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6 thoughts on “Review: Loreal Gentle Micellar Solution

  1. Great review! I have been using the Simple Micellar Water occasionally. Other times I just use a face wash of some kind, I have so many different samples lol. Of course then I do use makeup wipes a majority of time because I’m so lazy lol. 🙂 xo

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      1. It’s always a pleasure to stop by! The Simple Micellar Water is really nice. I think you would enjoy that one too. 🙂

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