Shiseido Warehouse Sale 2015 + Reviews

My friend and I decided to trek over to the biannual Shiseido Warehouse Sale last weekend because who can resist up to 50% off of Shiseido products? Now, just a heads up for those of you who want to check  it out in Markham (GTA) next time. It’s a 1 hour wait on Saturday mornings, so dress warmly and bring your patience! Moreover, do NOT bring your children if you love them. They may get trampled over. Just saying!

After finally getting in, I have to admit that it was hectic but it was definitely a worthwhile experience. Other than Shiseido, it also had NARS Cosmetics, JOICO hair products, and miscellaneous fragrances. The most popular products definitely were Shiseido’s skincare and NARS’ makeup.

I went in there with a budget of $50 CAD (’cause you know, broke graduate here!), and this is what I got:

Shiseido Cleansing Massage Brush
IMG_20151107_135344539Warehouse Price: $15 CAD
Original Price: $30 CAD

-Soft enough to gently slough off dead skin cells

-Bristles aren’t short nor dense enough to deep clean pores

-Foams up cleansers well

-Comes with a cover to protect bristles



NARS #49 Wet/Dry Eyeshadow Brush
IMG_20151107_135409463IMG_20151107_135356042_HDRWarehouse Price: $15 CAD
Original Price: $35 CAD

-Soft synthetic bristles

-Tall handle ; medium-sized brush (as a reference, it’s smaller than Real Techniques’ eyeshadow brush)

-Picks up good amount of eyeshadow and applies well

-Okay for achieving winged look (using eyeshadow) but a smaller sized brush would achieve more accuracy


Shiseido Bronzer (in shade #1)

Warehouse Price: $15 CAD
Original Price: $40 CAD

-Comes with a really soft brush

-A bit too light for my yellow undertone skin. More suitable for very fair skin.

-Buildable shade

-No shimmer

-Comes in an elegant compact with mirror


So these are my thoughts on the above products! If I had to repurchase any of these for regular price, it would be the NARS brush.  🙂

What are your thoughts on Shiseido or NARS products? Do you have any favourites?


Thanks for reading,





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