Review: Clinique Stay Matte Foundation

My Urban Decay Naked Foundation was running out during the summer and I wanted to look for something that would be gentler on my skin, especially since my eczema was flaring up. It definitely is gentler and stays matte for a bit, but keep on reading for my thoughts on it!

Let’s start the investigation! *Sorry, I’ve been watching a bit of Sherlock earlier.



Formula: Sheer coverage; Fragrance-free; Fluid to creamy texture; Not appropriate for dry patches; Matte for 3 hrs

The colour looks darker in the bottle, but once blended out, it matches my skin perfectly. It helps to speak to an associate at the counter so they can colour match you. The shade that I got was #4 Creamwhip and I have light skin with yellow undertone. I did notice that a lot of Clinique foundations have a pinker undertone, so that’s just something to look out for.

This Clinique foundation doesn’t irritate my eczema like Urban Decay does, but UD still wins in terms of finish, texture, and staying power. UD looks a lot smoother on the skin and stays matte longer than Clinique Stay Matte. I find that Clinique Stay Matte isn’t as fluid and easy to blend. It has a tendency to clump when used with a brush or fingers. If anything, a damp sponge would work best with this product.

As for staying power, I was only able to wear the Clinique foundation for up to 3 hours before my t-zones became super greasy. So from my personal experience, I’d say that this works best for people with normal to slightly oily skin.



Sorry for the discrepancies in lighting. I wasn’t able to achieve the same warm lighting again. 😦



Ingredients are available on CosDNA


Packaging and Price:

30mL/1 oz of product for $31 CAD. It comes in a transparent squeeze tube. Simple, sanitary, and effective.


Overall: 2.5/5

I was really hoping that this would work out for me especially because it was quite expensive. I’m glad that it at least doesn’t break me out nor cause dry patches. However, the fact that it makes me a total greaseball after just 3-4 hours and that it clumps on my skin is a deal breaker for me. I’ll try to finish it up this winter since I still have a lot of it, but I won’t be re-purchasing.

Are there any Clinique foundations that you enjoy using? Let me know in the comments below!


Thanks for reading and enjoy your holidays,



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