Favourite Scent of All Time: Yves Rocher Blackberries

When receiving scented gifts from friends, I’m always wary of the fragrance – afraid that it’ll smell too strong or really wacky. But I have to say, that when I received the Blackberries cream and soap as gifts and took a whiff of it, one word came to mind: “Heavenly!” The Blackberries fragrance (now renamed to “Blackberry”) from Yves Rocher is hands down my favourite scent of all time.

It’s a light and fruity fragrance, but not overwhelmingly sweet. Usually when we think of “fruity”, perhaps an image of those good ol’ preteen body spray days come to mind. But no, not with this one. This blackberry scent smells LUXURIOUS.



I don’t have too much to say about the products themselves, other than the fact that the hand cream is a lightweight formula so it’s not the most moisturizing. However, it is fast absorbing so it’s not going to give you oily hands. As for the hand soap, well, it works like a hand soap should! LOL.

I really hope Yves Rocher doesn’t get rid of this fragrance. It’s like aromatherapy in a bottle. ❤  You should seriously go to the store just to smell it, haha.

So what is your holy grail fragrance?


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