Review: MAKE UP FOR EVER Duo Mat Powder Foundation

My old powder foundation finally ran out while my liquid foundation was causing my face to be super oily. So my wallet and I hopped on over to Sephora for something new~ And thank goodness, I picked up Make Up Forever Duo Mat.

Fellow oilies, you may want to check out this review!



Performance: Medium to Full Coverage Powder, Buildable Coverage, Soft and Velvety Texture, Controls Oil, Matte Finish, Powder Accentuates Dry Patches 



Powder applied to the right side


I initially picked up a powder from Clinique, but when I drifted off to the Make Up Forever display and tested out their Duo Mat Foundation, I was amazed. Duo Mat is certainly matte, but when swatched, you can feel that it has a velvety texture. It’s not chalky at all.

Since it is a powder, it is definitely sheerer than liquid foundations in general. However, as a powder, Duo Mat is considered a medium to full coverage powder foundation. When swept onto the face with a flat top foundation/kabuki brush, you can build it from a lightweight to a medium coverage. You can also touch up and add heavier coverage with a concealer brush, eyeshadow brush, or sponge. Because Duo Mat is meant for oilier skin types, those with dry skin may want to reconsider purchasing this as it does cling onto dry patches.





Packaging and Price: 10g of product for $43 CAD

Bad blogging habit #1: Not taking pics BEFORE usage >.<


Bottom compartment that houses the sponge

It’s a simple plastic and black compact with magnetic closure. It comes with a second compartment to house their given sponge. I like how you don’t have to continuously flip back and forth between the two layers just to use the mirror. It’s because the PACKAGING DESIGNERS ARE SMART! The mirror and product are held within the same compartment.


Overall: 4.5/5

I love how quickly I can build on good coverage with this powder foundation. But what I love even more is that it keeps my face oil-free for 5+ hours! If you live in a humid and hot climate, I can’t say that the product will perform the same. It might end up melting off in hot humidity, so you may have to stick to liquid foundation. However, I will make an update during the summertime to let you know how this product holds up in the heat. Other than that, I’m so glad that I found Duo Mat. It’s the first powder foundation that I’ve found that doesn’t feel chalky nor oily. Yes, there are actually powders out there that make you oilier. I won’t name names…but you can search my reviews to see what I’m talking about, haha.

Do you have a favourite powder foundation that you’d recommend? I’d love to hopefully try a cheaper one because let’s be honest… After tax and at almost $50 a pop, my wallet does hurt.

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