Review: MAC Lipstick in Retro

Looking for that classic red lipstick, but finding that it’s too bold for your tastes? Then the next time you pass by a MAC counter, you might want to check out their shade “Retro”.



Performance: satin finish; red-brown; pigmented; vanilla scent; long-lasting


I love how this red looks serious without being too bold, all thanks to the brown undertone! I can wear this shade to work without feeling like I’ve overdone things. This shade also tends to give me a, “I’m a serious person. Don’t mess with me,” sort of vibe. And although people are opting for lighter and brighter colours this spring, who says you can’t wear this for an evening out to glam things up a bit?

The lipstick itself is a satin finish, so it’s not completely drying out your lips. If you do find it to clump on dry skin, moisturize with a balm or gloss first. Then, apply the lipstick on top with a lip brush or with your fingers. However, if you have really dry lips, this may not be for you. You may have to go for a gloss, tinted lip balm, or hydrating lipstick.

Because Retro tends to be on the drier side, it’s more pigmented and longer lasting than hydrating ones. Colour deposits quite well, even with a lip-brush. You’ll also notice that it lightly stains your lips even after wiping off with kleenex. So although it may not be completely smudge-proof, the colour is quite long-lasting.





Packaging: 3g of product for $21 CAD




I love that iconic matte black bullet… It would’ve been nicer though if they had coloured the label at the bottom. It would make the lives of makeup lovers and hoarders a lot easier.


Overall: 4/5

I really enjoy the colour and quality of this lipstick. It gives you a nice red lip with slight brown undertone for a more versatile and subdued 90s red. However, I’m taking one point off because I’m sure you can also a similar shade for decent quality at half the price.


P.S. I borrowed my sister’s iPhone for the pics this time, so that the swatches are truer to their actual colour. 😀
Yay for upgrades!


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