Her Makeup, Her Style: Ashley’s Japanese Makeup

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I decided to start a new series called “Her makeup, her style”/ “His makeup, his style”, so that we could explore other people’s makeup collections and hear their opinions on products and on their personal makeup style. For our first post in this series, let’s welcome Ashley!



How would you describe your makeup style?

My makeup style is very girly and my main focus is on eyes. When it comes to eyes, I like to have that dolly look and to have my eyes pop. The Japanese term for [this dolly style] is Gyaru. The thing about the Gyaru look is that you can use as much makeup as you want, but make it look as if you’re not wearing much.


I see that you’re into false lashes. Which is your favourite?

I would say the Dolly Wink ones just because there is always something new going on with the line. There’s a big selection. I think there’s around 20 different kinds plus 2 limited editions in brown. It’s also very cute.


What inspired you to achieve the Gyaru look?

There are a few magazines that show what Gyaru looks like on some models. One of the most popular models is Tsubasa Masuwaka. She was featured on Dolly Wink, where she did a collaboration with them and later on went on to create her own line called Candydoll. She also has her own fashion line and circle lense line.





Makeup routine to achieve Gyaru look

-Apply primer and eye base

-Use concealer to cover dark circles and blemishes

-Apply liquid foundation and pressed powder to even out skin tone

-Use neutral eyeshadow colours and don’t be afraid of glitter on the eyes

-Line with black eyeliner

-Curl eyelashes and apply mascara and false lashes

-Apply a soft orangey blush for a warm-bronzed look

-Finish up with lip balm, lip liner, and lipstick


What draws you to Japanese cosmetics?

When it comes to Japanese cosmetics, I find it more convenient to my skin tone just because I had a past of using drugstore makeup. And no matter how many kinds of makeup I used from the drugstore, for some reason it doesn’t match my skin tone but Japanese makeup does. Drugstore makeup for some reason also had a tendency to irritate my skin whereas Japanese makeup doesn’t. Also, the packaging is cute too!

Featured above: Cinnamoroll and Hello Kitty lip balms, Jill Stuart lipstick, Candydoll 24h Colour Stay Lip

I see that you’ve also kept a lot of the packaging. What’s the reason for that?

Japanese companies are always changing their packaging to keep things interesting. When it comes to their first selection packaging, they’re always changing it. To keep their old packaging, it just shows that I did have [the original product] and I just gradually get to the newer ones. Cause when it comes to the older packaging, you can’t find them anymore but for newer packaging you can, so to keep them it’s a good thing.


Where do you get all your Sailor Moon cosmetics from?

Some Asian cosmetic stores like Jealousy. You can also find them in Pacific Mall, Market Village, or the Yonge-Finch area in Toronto/GTA.



If there was one cosmetic item that you could bring to a deserted island, what would it be?

Good question. I would bring sunscreen because when it comes to skin, you want to protect it along with the natural moisture of your skin to keep that glow.


What is your go-to item for a more dramatic effect, or for a night out?

Lancome My Paris Eyeshadow Palette. When you open it, there’s a mirror and it comes with a tutorial for the day. They have 6 different colours for a day look. For a more dramatic night look, you open this separate section (a hatch) and there’s one blue and one black colour. It also comes with a brush which is easier for application. They don’t sell this palette anymore, since it was limited edition.

Featured above: Dolly Wink eyeshadows, Lancome My Paris Palette, Jill Stuart Eyeshadow Palette


How much do drugstore Japanese eyeshadows usually cost in Canada?

They’re usually $28-30 CAD.


Are these your everyday items?

No, I don’t use all of these daily. I usually change up my style at least 3 times a week. One day, I would want to do a natural look. The next day I might want to try a pink look. It really does change.


Candydoll Cheek Color
Candydoll Cheek Color

Tell me about your skincare routine.

After a day’s work and it’s time to go to bed, it’s good to take off your makeup. Otherwise it will wrinkle your skin faster.

-Remove makeup with Clean and Clear Makeup Dissolver

-Cleanse skin with The Face Shop Mango Seed/ Rice Water Cleansing Foam
(One is regular and the other is a brightener)

-Tone skin with The Face Shop Green Tea Oil-Free Toner

-Moisturise with Belo Essentials Night Therapy Whitening Cream


What country is the Belo cream from?

It’s from the Philippines and it’s really popular there. Some celebrities use it. A few years ago, it wasn’t in [Canada] but because of the popularity, they brought it over here so that we could experience it. You can find it in some Asian supermarkets.



For people wanting to get into Japanese cosmetics, which brands/products would you recommend?

Dolly Wink products, and Candydoll Colour Stay Lip- it’s 24h and stays on well (latter is approximately $29 CAD).


Thank you, Ashley, for collaborating with me on this post! I had so much fun exploring your makeup collection, and this isn’t even all of it! I hope you all have enjoyed this post. If you liked Ashley’s collection and her responses, please like/comment below so that we can show her some love! If you have any questions for her about Japanese cosmetics, please feel free to leave your questions in the comments below as well.


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  1. What a great idea for a series! I loved this – such a great way to see inside someone’s collection and get some inspiration 😊 the packaging for most of those products is amazing!

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