Welcome to “InternetHeartsBeauty”, a beauty and lifestyle blog! I’m a girl from Toronto who loves to share my thoughts on beauty products and events. Sometimes I’ll even review restaurants in T.O and GTA because, heck, who doesn’t like food? And what’s a better outlet than the internet to share our opinions? It has brought beauty enthusiasts of diverse backgrounds and expertise together from all over the world. The result? A global beauty community that helps to educate consumers on all things beauty. We thank the internet for this!

With InternetHeartsBeauty, I want to ensure that other guys and girls are informed of great beauty products out there in all price ranges. I also want to make sure that readers know the truth of some popular products (AKA whether they’re worth the hype or whether they’re JUST hype). The truth must be known!

I hope you can follow me along on this journey of discovery and growth. It’s going to be a fun one!



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